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UK ITS at the University of Kentucky recommends using Microsoft 365 for Business apps and services as your go-to solution for productivity and collaboration. The Microsoft 365 suite of tools is available to members of the University community using their linkblue account.

Read more about how to collaborate with M365 tools at Microsoft 365 for Business Collaboration Tools.

Which M365 Tool Should I Use?

Needs Tools Features
I am storing files for my personal work use. OneDrive
  • Host up to 5TB of secure cloud storage
  • Files accessible from most devices
  • Files will be deleted upon exiting UK

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We are a small group that needs to collaborate. Microsoft Groups
  • Group files, email, calendar, & notebook

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We are a small team that needs advanced collaboration tools like team chat & conferencing. Microsoft Teams
  • All the features of Microsoft Groups
  • Team chat & topic-based channels
  • Teams client available on most devices

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We are a department or college that needs document management & workflow. SharePoint
  • Advanced document management (e.g. versioning, workflow, check-in/check-out, alerting, reporting)

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NOTE: Files that are stored in the shared storage areas of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft Groups will remain accessible even if the individual who stored them separates from UK. Files stored in an individual's personal OneDrive may not be recoverable after the individual separates from UK.

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