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Creating Student Communities Through Technology

In an era dominated by technology, the Student Media Depot and Esports program at the University of Kentucky has emerged as powerful catalysts in creating vibrant and inclusive communities for UK students. As technology continues to shape various aspects of our lives, these innovative initiatives have harnessed the potential to foster collaboration, creativity, and connection among students.

Supporting UK Invests from Idea to Pilot

his pioneering project incorporates financial education, investment opportunities, and real-world experience to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions. Several teams from UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) supported this groundbreaking endeavor with technical support and expertise. 

Leveraging Data, Analytics, & Integrated Digital Marketing for Record Enrollment and Retention

The University of Kentucky has achieved remarkable success in recent years by strategically combining institutional research, data analytics, and sophisticated digital marketing concepts backed by Salesforce CRM to drive record enrollment and retention rates.

Creating Community Engagement Opportunities Around Research Computing

UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) is committed to furthering research and high performance computing throughout the state of Kentucky. Through valuable partnerships with UK’s Center for Computational Sciences (CCS), and various research computing groups across the state, UK ITS’s Research Computing Infrastructure (RCI) team attended and supported events dedicated to collaboration and sharing of expertise in the HPC industry. 

Fortifying Cybersecurity Expertise: Celebrating Team Achievements in Certifications

Since Fall 2022, the Enterprise Cybersecurity team in UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) has been committed to developing and learning their skills through obtaining renowned certifications in the cybersecurity industry.

From Late Nights to Early Mornings: UKHC Wireless Upgrade Project

Starting in January of 2023, UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) Networking & Infrastructure (NI) division began tackling a project to upgrade wireless network infrastructure for UK HealthCare (UKHC). At a first glance, the team knew the project involved many moving parts and a long list of action items that would need to be completed in phases. 

Promoting IT Careers and Experiences to K-12 Students

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is essential to foster an early interest in Information Technology (IT) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among young students. Recognizing this commitment, UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) has undertaken various events and initiatives to promote IT careers and provide valuable experiences to K-12 students in central Kentucky. By engaging and inspiring students at an early age, UK ITS hopes to help shape the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Google Storage: Coming Together to Implement Enterprise Changes

In November 2021, Google announced changes to its enterprise storage licenses for education, limiting the amount of data that could be stored in their free education tenets. This change in licensing and policy caused a significant impact on education institutions, including the University of Kentucky. Immediately, UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) knew there would be a lot of work to do in order to get the overall University’s Google storage utilization below the 150TB maximum capacity set by Google.

Getting a New Phone? These Steps Can Help Prevent You From Getting Locked Out of Your Account

University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (ITS) has a feature within the Duo app called Duo Instant Restore. This feature will allow students, faculty and staff to transfer a Duo account to a new phone themselves. The Duo app is used for Two-Factor Log-In at UK, which adds an extra layer of security to UK resources like myUK, Microsoft 365, Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN client and more.   So how do you access this feature?

Student Media Depot Receives Award for iPad Video

UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) has won the “Best of Category” Award in the 2022-23 Communication Awards from the Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services (SIGUCCS). The award was earned for Short Promotional Video. “Best of Category” in Short Promotional Video went to Kirk Laird, director of the Student Media Depot, and his team for short video UKY iPad Initiative 2022. Laird is proud of the abilities of his staff.