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Describe what you do at ITS in one sentence. As the only cellular engineer of the entirety of UK, I provide cellular signal to buildings that don’t always get the best or no signal from the cellular providers. 

Name something about the work you or your team does that you are most proud of.  Knowing that 99% of the people who use my systems don’t know I exist. It should be a seamless transfer from the outside existing cellular network to the systems I have designed and installed providing the same service. 

 What is something you enjoy doing outside of work?  I like to work on my vehicle and you can usually find me in my garage creating something that will help me in my work or something that doesn’t exist yet.  I tinker and gadget all the time typically to make something I do more efficient or work like I want it to.  

 Best advice you ever received? First perception is reality for others.  What they see is their reality. Even if it’s all wrong to you and what you’re used to.  You can’t always control what others see when first meeting or working with them but you can prepare for anything. And do the right thing right the first time.