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Mark Lewis

"One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is the ability to deploy and maintain robust Azure infrastructure."

Cody Bumgardner, PhD

"... ITS provides operational support of research networking connecting all public higher-ed institutions in Ky.  These efforts, while not standard by any measure, are only possible through direct collaboration with ITS."

Detective Grant Riggs

"Knowing and understanding the concerns of the UK Enterprise we are in a better position to stay ahead of threat actors and mitigate any incidents known or unknown. "

Corinne Boyer

"I'm proud to be part of a supportive team that does great work to communicate complicated topics that inform the university community. "

Jordan Adler

"I love that my team is constantly in situations where we get to partner with other units both inside and outside of ITS in order to solve real problems."

Libby Duncan

"ITS is a key collaborator in everything I do, whether it’s partnering with the Marketing Cloud team for all of our email sends, both single-sends and email journeys, the Salesforce team for making sure all the reports are ready or text messages and special robocalls are scheduled and IRADS to make sure we have the most accurate data and that we are communicating to the correct group of students."

Daniel Huber

"Being able to support students through the Smart Campus iPad Initiative and UK Invest enables us to enhance student life while attending UK and for years to come after graduation."

Angela Parker

"I feel as though employees can come to Gina Lysell or myself with any concerns they have regarding employment or personal situations and receive a timely, caring response.  Some concerns are routine and we can provide a quick fix, but some are more involved, needing further investigation.  No matter what the situation, my goal is to provide answers in a quick and confidential manner."

Customer Spotlight: Holly Dye, Practice Manager

"It was nice to realize that even on the windiest, rainiest days, Ky Clinic Frankfort has continued to operate without any communication disruption."

Employee Spotlight: Erik Jarvis

"My team takes part in a lot of creation, often in collaboration with others and, perhaps more importantly, for others. There’s an excitement and pride that comes through that kind of service. Building events, programs, and initiatives, all the way from an idea to reality is an awesome feeling. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of that. "

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