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If you haven’t signed up for volunteer opportunities with University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS), April is a great time to consider how you can make a change. 

That’s because it’s National Volunteer Month. Established in 1991, National Volunteer Month also coincides with Earth Day, a global movement to protect our planet.

UK ITS has several different opportunities and the option to volunteer as often as you’d like. 

If you have any additional ideas about ways ITS can give back, please let us know by filling out our volunteer form.

Interested in volunteering for the university community? Several volunteers are always needed during blood drives, the Big Blue Move In and Dance Blue. You can also participate in Main Street Clean Sweep on UK’s campus — it’s one of several clean up events in Lexington and surrounding counties. 

The following volunteer opportunities are available with ITS: 

Party Planning Committee - Are you a fan of organizing events and bringing people together? Join our Party Planning Committee! Here, creativity meets celebration as we organize memorable events for our team and the wider community. (Retirements, BBQs, cookie exchanges, etc.)

Tabeling Champions - Love interacting with people and sharing valuable information? Our Tabling Team is perfect for you! Engage with students and peers, spread the word about our initiatives, and be the face of UK ITS on campus. (Orientations, Merrit Weekends, job fairs, Staff Appreciation Day, etc.)

University Engagement Squad - Passionate about bridging connections within the university? The University Engagement group focuses on creating meaningful collaborations and workshops across different departments, enhancing our presence and impact. (Being a resident expert, presenting on a topic for IT Community of Practice, interacting with colleges and students, etc.)

K-12 Engagement Heros - If inspiring the younger generation excites you, our K-12 Engagement team awaits you. Help us shape future minds by participating in outreach programs and educational activities in schools. (STEM Fairs, be a mentor, science fair judge, speaking to classes, etc.)

Volunteering with UK ITS during National Volunteer Month is more than just giving time; it’s about making a positive impact and fostering a community of innovation and learning that goes beyond the month of April. No matter what your interests or skill set, there are several ways to volunteer with UK ITS, on campus or in your own community.