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DMARC Email Quarantine

Starting Monday, March 11, UK ITS will be enforcing the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) protocol.What does this mean?

Multi-factor authentication will be required to access University of Kentucky Zoom accounts

Coming soon, University of Kentucky Information Technology Services will implement an additional security measure to Zoom. UK HealthCare's Telehealth instance of Zoom will see this change starting Monday, Feb. 26.

Scam attempting to get personal information reported at UK

UK ITS will never initiate a call, email or text asking anyone in the university community for their Duo code or personal passwords. The only time UK ITS will ask for personal information is to verify your identity if you request technical assistance with ITS Customer Services.

In response to the “mother of all breaches” UK ITS recommends changing your passwords

University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) recommends that everyone change passwords for several websites after what is being called the “mother of all breaches.” Although no UK accounts are affiliated with the breach, UK students, faculty and staff likely have an accounts some of the websites affected by the leak.

Turn on New Protections for Your iPhone

In the newest iOS 17.3 update, Apple has added a layer of security to help protect your accounts and data in the event your device ever gets stolen.

It’s data privacy week. Do you know how to protect your data?

Although the U.S. has a mix of laws that protect things like your health data, there’s no overarching law that protects all your data. January 21- 27 is Data Privacy Week, and the University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) encourages the university community to be proactive when it comes to data privacy.  

Protecting Your Family's Data

Join University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) Cybersecurity Team for a Parent & Family Engagement's Cat Chat Live discussion on protecting your family's data.

Take these steps to avoid online holiday shopping and fundraising scams

Maybe you’ve already decided to simplify gift giving this year by sending cash or giving to a nonprofit. But before deciding where to spend or send your money, know it is also prime time for online scammers to take advantage of the holiday rush.

During International Fraud Awareness Week, take these simple steps to prevent internet fraud

In honor of International Fraud Awareness week, University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) wants the University community to be aware of different types of internet fraud as well as simple steps anyone can take to protect online accounts. Practicing good cybersecurity habits can help prevent and deter internet fraud.  

Keep your personal information secure with these cybersecurity tips

Can you remember the last time you updated your computer, passwords or backed up your work? It may be tough to keep track of all the latest cybersecurity practices, but UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) has put together the latest tips to keep you and your data secure. Spending a little time making sure your personal data is safe can save you headaches, and even money, in the long run.