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When logging into University of Kentucky systems like myUK, Microsoft 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud with your linkblue account students, faculty, and staff are prompted to verify their identity.

This extra step is a security measure known as multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is designed to protect personal data from cyber threats like phishing and hacking.

To protect your UK accounts, the simplest MFA option is to use the Duo Mobile app. University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) encourages the university community to use the Duo Mobile MFA method. The app is free, and it can work without internet connectivity. It is also more secure than using the alternative method of receiving a text message from the university.

Step by step instructions for enrolling in Duo can be found here.

In fact, a recent cybersecurity report, Duo Mobile found that MFA methods that use SMS texts and phone calls are not only at an all-time low, but these options are less secure than they once were.

The Duo Mobile app sends users a notification — called a Duo Push. The push gives users the option to approve or deny a login by simply tapping a check mark or an X.

Enabling Duo Mobile MFA allows the user to deny unauthorized attempts to access their accounts. For example, if your login information has been compromised, you may receive a notification asking you to approve or deny a login attempt.

If you receive a Duo Push, but did not request one, deny the attempt. Repeated unauthorized attempts to get a user to approve an MFA request is a tactic called MFA fatigue. In this case, an MFA notification serves as an alert for attempted unauthorized access and indicates that a user's password should be changed immediately.

It’s best to use MFA to protect all your online accounts like email, social media and any account used to complete a financial transaction. Many apps have the option to use biometric authentication like a facial scan or fingerprint to login.

Although UK accounts may also be confirmed with a text message this MFA method comes with a cost — both to the user and university.

To enroll your smartphone, visit UK Account Manager ( and follow the prompts in the "Two-Factor Log-In" tab. Step-by-step instructions can be found in this article: How do I enroll my smartphone in Duo Mobile multi-factor authentication?

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