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Customer Spotlights

Libby Duncan

"ITS is a key collaborator in everything I do, whether it’s partnering with the Marketing Cloud team for all of our email sends, both single-sends and email journeys, the Salesforce team for making sure all the reports are ready or text messages and special robocalls are scheduled and IRADS to make sure we have the most accurate data and that we are communicating to the correct group of students."

Customer Spotlight: Holly Dye, Practice Manager

"It was nice to realize that even on the windiest, rainiest days, Ky Clinic Frankfort has continued to operate without any communication disruption."

Customer Spotlight: Kishonna Gray-Denson

ITS has been an amazing collaborator since being here at UK. I was instantly engaged to think about how I could utilize the different tools on campus in the classroom and in my research.

Customer Spotlight: Molly Davis

"The Arboretum’s internet speed went from 3 MBS to 1,000 MBS—yes, those numbers are correct!"

Customer Spotlight: Justin Sumner

"I'm the Content Strategist on the Web Communication Team in UK Marketing and Brand Strategy."

Customer Spotlight: Esther Moberly

"ITS has been a great partner – they assist us with making sure all their staff is knowledgeable about the recycling and diverting program on campus."

Customer Spotlight: Corrine Williams

"I’ve been working with various individuals in ITS as we are working to bring several online mental health resources to our students."

Customer Spotlight: Barry Swanson

"On a routine basis the Purchasing Division & ITS collaborate to establish contracts for the purchase of all types of technology commodities & services."

Customer Spotlight: Karin Pekarchik

"After we reached out to ITS, we had several touchpoints with different experts and each conversation helped us navigate the learning process."

Customer Spotlight: Robert Martin-Curry

College/Unit: Gatton College of Business & Economics Department: Undergraduate Resource Center     Describe what you and/or your team does at UK.