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Name, Title: Holly Dye, Practice Manager

College/Unit: Ky Clinic Frankfort

Describe what you and/or your team does at UK:

Kentucky Clinic Frankfort is an outreach clinic that offers outpatient Nephrology, Neurology and Neurosurgery services in Frankfort. This clinic provides the opportunity for Frankfort Regional Hospital to refer to UK Healthcare without requiring patients to travel to Lexington.  

Talk about the ways you’ve collaborated with ITS and how it impacted your work:

I have been practice manager of Kentucky Clinic Frankfort for almost two years. I was surprised to discover that on rainy or overcast days, the clinic phones would have significant interference or stop working altogether. Providers would have to write on paper and chart later because only one computer at a time could operate on the network—if that. The neurosurgeon was unable to upload and view images which prevented him from building a practice in Frankfort for over one year. The ITS team were as puzzled as we were about the issues and why new equipment and direct wiring did not correct the problems we were having.

The Frankfort Plant Board and UK ITS team met together and determined that there was no solution to the connectivity problems. Scott Sisler and team made multiple visits to the clinic to map out a plan, get it funded and work with me and the team to schedule work on days that would not disrupt patient care. By January 2023, the clinic had a new “Big Blue” network and phones. I cannot describe the relief we felt on the day the first patient images successfully uploaded and the neurosurgery consult was conducted without a hitch.

It was nice to realize that even on the windiest, rainiest days, Ky Clinic Frankfort has continued to operate without any communication disruption.