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UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) is committed to furthering research and high performance computing throughout the state of Kentucky. Through valuable partnerships with UK’s Center for Computational Sciences (CCS), and various research computing groups across the state, UK ITS’s Research Computing Infrastructure (RCI) team attended and supported events dedicated to collaboration and sharing of expertise in the HPC industry. 

Meeting the Community Face to Face at SC22 

In November 2022, members of RCI and CCS attended the prestigious SC22 Conference in Dallas. The conference, known as the premier international event for high-performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis, provided a platform for RCI employees to collaborate, learn, and share their knowledge with global leaders in the field. As UK's first in-person attendance at SC22 since the COVID-19 pandemic, UK showed its commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation in information technology. 

 At SC22, RCI and CCS joined together to host a table on behalf of UK, sharing knowledge and talking to hundreds of conference attendees. The SC22 Conference served as an opportunity for the University of Kentucky to demonstrate its expertise in various domains such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cloud computing. RCI and CCS team members also actively participated in collaborative workshops and demonstrations during the SC22 Conference. These hands-on sessions allowed our IT professionals to interact with peers from around the globe, fostering meaningful discussions and the exchange of ideas. Interacting with experts and practitioners from academia, industry, and government agencies, RCI and CCS team members formed connections that can lead to future collaborations, knowledge sharing, and professional growth. By representing the University of Kentucky, their presence enhanced the reputation and strengthened connections within the global HPC community. 

Supporting HPC in the Commonwealth 

CCS, in partnership with RCI, hosted the 6th annual Commonwealth Computational Summit in October of 2022. The event featured a rich program comprising keynote speeches, technical presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and poster sessions dedicated to furthering HPC in the state of Kentucky. Being the first in-person CCS Summit since the COVID-19 pandemic, the event aimed to bring together experts, researchers, and professionals from various fields to explore the latest advancements in computational sciences and high-performance computing.   

The event covered a wide range of topics, including data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational biology, cybersecurity, and more. Each session provided insights into cutting-edge research, innovative methodologies, and practical applications in computational sciences. One of the key highlights of the CCS Summit was the opportunity to hear from renowned experts in the field. Esteemed keynote speakers delivered talks that delved into emerging trends, challenges, and future directions in computational sciences. These thought leaders shared their experiences, offered valuable perspectives, and inspired attendees to push the boundaries of their own research and projects. 

Technical presentations at the CCS Summit showcased groundbreaking research conducted by academics, scientists, and professionals. These sessions provide a platform for participants to present their findings, methodologies, and results, fostering engagement and discussion among attendees. The diverse range of topics covered ensures that attendees gain exposure to a broad spectrum of computational sciences and high-performance computing applications. 

Workshops organized at the CCS Summit offered hands-on learning experiences and training opportunities. These sessions delved into specific tools, technologies, and methodologies, equipping attendees with practical skills that can be applied in their own research or professional work. The workshops were led by experts in their respective fields, ensuring participants received high-quality instruction and guidance. 

The poster sessions at the CCS Summit allowed undergraduate researchers to showcase their work visually and engage in one-on-one discussions with attendees. These interactive sessions facilitated networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas between researchers and experts with students. Students presented a wide array of research projects and received direct feedback on their own work. 

The members of the RCI team in UK ITS, alongside campus partners, not only commit daily to their roles and responsibilities, but additionally spend time and energy to represent UK and further growth of others in computational sciences. By actively engaging in these gatherings, the team demonstrated their dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, nurturing talent, and making a significant impact on the academic and scientific communities. The power of participation lies in the ability to transform ideas into actions, bringing about advancements that shape the future of high-performance computing and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.