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University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (ITS) has a feature within the Duo app called Duo Instant Restore. This feature will allow students, faculty and staff to transfer a Duo account to a new phone themselves. The Duo app is used for Two-Factor Log-In at UK, which adds an extra layer of security to UK resources like myUK, Microsoft 365, Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN client and more.  

So how do you access this feature?

  1. In order to use Duo Instant Restore, it is important that you follow the steps to turn on the feature before you get a new phone. 
  2. Check out How do I set up Duo Instant Restore on my iOS device? and How do I set up Duo Instant Restore on my Android device? for steps on how to set up the feature. 
  3. Once set up, customers can easily transfer their Duo accounts over. It is worth noting, however, that Android customers must have both their new phone and old phone in hand to make the transfer work.  

Why is this information important?

  1. Without the Duo Instant Restore feature, those that get a new phone may be locked out of many important UK resources without the ability to authenticate with Two-Factor Log-In via the Duo app. 
  2. In order to get back into their accounts, students, faculty and staff are required to call ITS Customer Services at 859-218-HELP (4357) in order to be given a temporary bypass code.
  3. ITS hopes through the implementation of Duo Instant Restore, customers will have a smoother transition to a new device. 

Once Duo Instant Restore is set up, customers can follow the steps in How to Use Duo Instant Restore on iOS Devices and How to Use Duo Instant Restore on Android Phones to transfer their accounts to their new phones.  

ITS strongly recommends the use of the Duo app for Two-Factor Log-In at UK if you have a smartphone. The Duo app offers additional features like Duo Instant Restore and is not dependent on cell phone service like SMS text. If you currently use SMS text to authenticate with Two-Factor Log-In and would like to switch to using the Duo app on your smartphone, see How do I switch from an SMS text message device to a smartphone for Two-Factor Log-In?