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Beginning a new school year can feel overwhelming — especially when it comes to navigating the technology resources needed to get started. But UK Information Technology Services (UK ITS) has a few tech tips and resources to help you begin the fall semester with ease. Make sure to bookmark this article as a reference for all your tech questions.  

  • Connect to Wi-Fi on campus. Connect to eduroam by using your address and password. Step by step instructions for connecting to eduroam can be found at UK eduroam Connection Center

  • WildCard Mobile ID. Access residence halls, dining and events without the worry of remembering to bring your ID card. Find out how to set up your Wildcard Mobile ID here

  • Download software. Visit to get the software necessary for class (read more). Access to specialized software is also available by using Virtual Den on your personal device. Interested in learning more about Virtual Den? Visit What is Virtual Den? for more information. 

  • Know where to get iPad support. Your UK-issued iPad can be an important tool in your academic success. Smart Campus has two locations to get support — The Cornerstone and the W.T. Young Library. The Smart Campus team will also staff the Wildcat Smart Hub in front of the Blue Box Theater in the Gatton Student Center from 9am until 5pm, Monday through Friday. Need help with your iPad? Find service locations and times here: Public - What if students need help with their iPad? ( 

  • Need tech help? Visit the Tech Help Center ( A quick search runs through more than 1,000 articles that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use UK technologies. 
    • Chat: The Tech Help Center also hosts a chat function that will connect you with an ITS Customer Services agent.   

    • Customer Services Assistance Request Form: Fill out the Customer Services Assistance Request form at with all the required information and the appropriate IT staff will contact you to resolve your issues. 

    • 1:1 Assistance: If you need 1:1 assistance, you can visit Tech Help @ the Hub in the basement of W.T. Young library (see hours). 

    • Contact Your College IT Department: Some technical issues can be best handled by your college’s IT representatives. Ask your instructor if you do not know their contact information. 

  • Get help with your multimedia project at the Student Media Depot @ The Hub. In the basement of the William T. Young Library, the Student Media Depot has podcast studios, multimedia editing and video recording rooms. Not sure how to record or use a camera? No problem — the Media Depot staff can help with equipment in the digital media space. Also, students can use the space to work on any creative project, whether class related or not. Sign up to reserve a room here: Student Media Depot @ the Hub | Information Technology Services ( 

  • Cybersecurity Tips. It’s increasingly important to protect your passwords, personal data and various UK accounts. Practice good cybersecurity habits by using multi-factor authentication, reporting phishing and using strong passwords. A complete list of tips and steps can be found at the #CyberSafeCats website: Cyber Safe Cats | Information Technology Services ( 

  • Safeguard your personal information when using AI. As artificial intelligence tools (e.g., ChatGPT) become more popular, it's also important to protect your personal information when visiting AI websites.  UK ITS urges students to be aware that there is no expectation of privacy when using these services. Information entered into AI chatbots could be incorporated into future data models, so exercise caution when using them — personally or professionally. No University-protected or confidential data should be shared with AI chatbots. 

  • Regularly update your devices. Putting off updates can make your devices slow and leave them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Routinely restarting your devices helps them apply necessary updates. (Note that restarting is not the same as shutting down your devices. You want to restart regularly.)  

UK ITS wishes all students good luck on a successful semester. More information on other important technology resources can also be found in Tech Tips for Incoming Students in the Tech Help Center.