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University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (UK ITS) has published its 2023 annual report. The UK ITS report showcases the department’s accomplishments, major projects and strategic goals achieved over the past year. The full report is available on the UK ITS website here.

The annual report serves as a comprehensive overview of UK ITS efforts in advancing technological innovations, improving infrastructure and services, and supporting the university community in its academic pursuits. Key highlights featured in the report include: 

  • Enhancing our resources. From the application process to registration, advising, and federal reporting requirements, Enterprise Applications transformed the way student data is processed.  
  • The Networking & Infrastructure team worked continuously to upgrade and install infrastructure to empower the University’s robust and pervasive network by replacing wireless access points across campus and at UK HealthCare offices across the state, enhancing health care services
  • Supporting a Record Cohort. To support record enrollment and retention rates, the University utilized data validated by the Institutional Research, Data Analytics and Decision Support (IRADS) team and reached more students than ever through communications set up by the Enterprise Salesforce Operations team. 
  • Further Securing our Data. The Enterprise Cybersecurity team conducted the first phishing simulation exercise with all students, faculty, and staff—which increased awareness and equipped individuals with necessary skills to identify, contain, and mitigate cyber threats. In all, these efforts blocked 6.04 million phishing attempts. 
  • UK ITS completed 110 networking and infrastructure projects, deployed 7,000 iPads to students and staff and provided tech help to 697 students at Tech Help @ the Hub. 

UK ITS also reached several milestones towards the IT Strategic Plan including supporting the launch of UK Invests to all eligible students, a cybersecurity risk assessment process for purchasing and continued its K-12 partnership by offering internships, career talks and campus tours.

Finally, the report highlights the service efforts and volunteer work of the UK ITS team and individual efforts by employees within the community.

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